Hands Down Acupuncture & Massage

Recent Testimonials

"Xavier was a godsend. Everyone should book with him. He is a professional and probably one of the best massages I’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving." - Jaclyn

"Xavier’s massage is so pleasant and he knows the body well if you need a little medicinal work he knows how to get the job done and the relaxing atmosphere is an added plus. I highly recommend hands down." - Cheryl

"Xaivier’s hands will work wonders to relax, refresh and soothe your aches and pains. His positive giving energy is reflected in his excellent work." - Allison

"Xavior gave me the best massage ever. He took his time and was completely professional. The room is very comfortable with nice music playing in the background. His touch was strong without hurting. Definitely recommend." - Carol

"Absolutely Exceptional. This was hand down the best massage experience I’ve ever had. Xavier has such much skill and passion it exudes from the first interaction. 120% exceeded expectations. Thank you SO much!" - Serena

"Xavier, was very professional and friendly. He did an amazing job making sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process. It was definitely a peaceful experience, and the massage he gave me was able to relieve a lot of stress and tension. I highly recommend Xavier. I can’t wait to book with him again." - Regina

"The best deep tissue massage I ever had, Xavier is a real professional and knows exactly what he is doing. I was in so much pain and in knots when I got there when I left I was unknot and feeling so loose and I can’t wait to go back in a month for my next session. The office and atmosphere was clean, bright and very comfortable. Please don’t think twice about booking , you WONT be disappointed❤️😊." - Roslyn

"Excellent service and attention to detail! Cannot recommend highly enough." - Jeannette-Marie